... and weekday evening fun in the rain!

After writing last week about a sunny bank holiday, I really hoped to be able to write more about sunshine this year, but alas, so far this is not the case. (I've always wanted to write "alas" in this blog!) I trundled up to the pool on a very cold wet evening last week, and was greeted by the cold, but smiling, welcoming faces of lifeguard and gatekeeper. Despite the freezing cold, strong wind and driving rain (yes, in May) the mood of the staff in charge remained sunnily positive, and even a pool manager popped in to say hello. The pool itself was beautifully warm, thawing my numb toes as soon as I got in. Wotton Pool truly is a "come rain or shine" pool, with the water temperature as warm and welcoming as the attitude of those on duty. I really want to say thank you to our managers, lifeguards and volunteers for coming out, in all sorts of weather, and providing such a friendly and efficient service to the swimmers at Wotton Pool. It is you guys who help to make the pool the success it is today. Thank you.