Closed now for the Winter

We've had a great summer of swimming with loads of people using the pool, and we eventually reintroduced turn-up-and-pay swimming – it's almost like normal again

Towards the end of the summer we resumed public sessions, lanes and a few of the 'special' sessions we run (ladies therapeutic, adult general swim and parent and pre-schooler).  Also we did a few schools sessions during the second half of the summer term.  So swimming was getting back to normal.  We didn't manage any public swimming lessons but we kept the emergency low-cost (£30) booked sessions as they were so popular after the first lock-down ended in June 2020 – and they still proved popular this summer.  And we introduced some low-cost (£50) long-term scheduled sessions that also proved very popular.  

Who knows how things will be next season?  Fexibility has been our watch-word and has helped us keep going, but  we shall probably have to make some changes to our offer and our pricing next season.  And we are sure it will still be good value and great fun!