Welcome to WSPC HQ

This is the first instalment of what will be a series of updates on the progress on Wotton Swimming Pool, as told by an onlooker, from deep inside Wotton Swimming Pool Club HQ. Understandably, there was jubilation on Monday (15.11), when the council decided to increase the precept in order to fund the day to day running of the pool. These costs have been carefully considered in a series of meetings by experts and members of WSPC.  They will cover costs associated with: electricity, water, chemicals, staff (although most actual swimming sessions will be run by volunteers) and repairs. For more information about these costs, check out So this is where the real work begins! There are 2 main projects running parallel at the moment at HQ. The first is the investigation of pipe work at the pool. The pipe is about 10ft underground, and could potentially cause problems in the future. The investigation so far has been an intrepid expedition. A sample of club members hiked up to the pool, the canary was selected, who donned harness and ropes, and descended into the deep. As chief 999 dialler in case of emergency, I was not privy to the details down in the deep, but the inspection will certainly continue for the near future. The second project involves the legal measures required, in order to run the pool as a charitable trust. HQ is in contact with representatives from the law department at UWE, who are meeting this Monday (22.11) to discuss details. But it’s the practical side that is being attended to today: I’m off now to scrub away at the pool (it’s now empty) and get it clean and tucked up for the winter! Miss Minnow