Winding down

Well this is it Wotton swimmers. The final week! You’ve got until Sunday 25th at 1600 to dash up to the pool and have your last swim of the summer! It has been a hugely successful season; we’ve worked harder than ever before, and got a lot of satisfaction too. The new management structure has had a massive impact on the day to day running of the pool. There have been challenges galore, and at times I’m sure people felt like throwing the towel in. And then you reconsider ‘cos actually your towel will get all wet and it’s not nice drying off after a swim with a soggy towel. Anyway, WSPC have proved that they have what it takes to run a hugely popular, Downing Street endorsed, safe and enjoyable swimming pool. And with longer opening hours, a longer season and cheaper prices. Once the final stats are in I’ll let you know just how many swimmers we’ve had this year! There is still time to say your goodbyes before the pool is tucked up for the winter, like an overgrown, hibernating tortoise. How about one last splash around with the family on Sunday morning at 10am, or perhaps it’s time to thrash out that last 100 lengths to achieve that bikini body you’ve been after all summer, just in time to bundle yourself up in skiing clobber. Wotton Pool is a bit like one of those difficult children. Ever so demanding, always wanting attention, and also hugely rewarding and fun to be around. And pretty damp. Miss Minnow.