Operation Plush Pool continues

The busy whirring sounds of last week’s walk by the pool were complimented this week by the colourful sparkles adorning the pavement. The pool tank has been shot blasted and the old, nasty, flaky paint removed and ground to specks, some of which just can’t bear to leave the vicinity of the pool. This paint is being replaced by a new non toxic waterproof surface. So that is step one undertaken already in ‘Operation Plush Pool’. There is only so much that can be done in a limited time scale with limited renovation funds to make Wotton Pool ‘plush’, but despite that the maintenance and renovations team have jumped in, grasped the whale by the horns (or whatever whales have) and are working hard. The next splash is really exciting. Many people complain about the state of the changing rooms, and both the male and female toilets have been in a terrible condition for many years. Finally that is changing! There will be a slightly new format to the changing rooms, with the door to the ladies facing in the opposite direction, and with the installation of a privacy screen to ensure the door isn’t too revealing. The toilets in both the male and female changing rooms are being ripped out and replaced with shiny new ones and an easy to clean surround. This will make a huge difference to the visitors this summer, and thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work. As I keep bubbling on about: funds for non essential maintenance are tight; so if you or a community or group would like to club together to sponsor a basin or toilet, Wotton Pool and the swimmers in years gone by changing with their legs crossed would much appreciate it! Get in touch via the website at On another note, check us out in the centrefold of the Wotton Directory this month! Thanks to the editor for all her hard work involved in publishing the pool. Miss Minnow