Sessions for your clubs and organisations up for grabs this summer!

The summer is gradually creeping closer, and although that surely means just more rain, it does bring with it real joy – the grand re-opening of Wotton Swimming Pool! The group now in charge of the pool are called Wotton Swimming Pool Ltd. This is a company limited by guarantee:  a non profit organisation, which is hoping to gain charitable status. Wotton Swimming Pool Ltd has grown out of Wotton Swimming Pool Club. The Club are a group of volunteers who have had various responsibilities at the pool over the years: from lifeguarding , to gatekeeping, to maintenance, to construction, to swimming! As an example of the imagination and enthusiasm these volunteers have for the pool, a few years ago, there were a number of members who were the driving force behind the successful and much enjoyed Swimming Improvers Sessions. These ran additionally to the usual public swims, and offered young people the chance to improve there swimming technique, in a fun and healthy activity. Sessions at Wotton Pool will be changing again this year. There will still be the opportunity to book the pool for parties, but in addition there is the chance for schools, clubs, teachers and organisations to hire the pool on a regular basis for a fixed price. So if your Scouts or Guides packs fancy a monthly splash; or your sports club needs some extra fitness sessions; or you would like to run a water aerobics class; or hold an Improvers or Stroke development session; this will be possible on early weekday evenings, during the day in the week, and even outside public sessions at the weekend. If this interests you, please get in touch via the Wotton Pool website at Miss Minnow