The Big (wet) Society of Wotton Pool

Congratulations Wotton Swimming Pool Club! WSPC were last week honoured with a Big Society Award from David Cameron in an awards reception at Downing Street. This is truly a wonderful accolade of the many and varied efforts of all those connected with Wotton Pool and WSPC, and of course, the swimmers too. For some, this award is a tribute to a commitment to the swimming pool of thirty years or more, and for the newer (and younger!), this is a fitting award for the enthusiasm and selflessness of the many members of Wotton Swimming Pool Club. In the case of Wotton Pool, the concept of the Big Society seems to be a name for something which has been a simple fact of survival (and entertainment) for many years. Wotton Pool has always had support from volunteer groups to keep it running (or swimming), for development, and for providing a friendly, community atmosphere around this vital facility of the town. There is nothing political about the acceptance of the award for the WSPC: a tribute to their hard work over the years is certainly appropriate, even if community volunteering is something which comes naturally to such a generous group of people. Wotton Swimming Pool Club, Wotton Swimmers: you’re fab, and this award from the Government is incredibly well deserved. All swimmers, from Moby Dick and Nemo would truly be proud of you all.