The Wotton Aquatics Centre

The Olympics are upon us and people keep mentioning how they want to do some 'proper' swimming to emulate the sporting stars we keep seeing.  And while we have seen our numbers dropping with the poorer weather this summer, the evening lane swims have persistently kept their numbers up.  Clearly, our swimmers are confident and know that it will be available and warm enough to guarantee a good health-promoting and stroke-improving swim whatever the weather.  Similarly our learner sessions have been very well attended. Team GB's success in the triathlon will also keep this sport on the front burner so maybe there is couple of brothers or a couple of sisters in Wotton who think it would be a good idea to learn to swim at the pool and then go on to take medals at an Olympic Games in the future We were toying with the idea of renaming the pool 'The Wotton Aquatics Centre' but that might just be taking it a bit too far! Moby Dick (Miss Minnow is on holiday...)