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Opening for the 2017 season

The 2017 season is upon us.  We are opening from 22 April until 17 September, and when you come and see us you will also see the splendidly refurbished exterior to the changing rooms.  This building was originally supplied to the construction contractors at Berkeley Power Station in the 1950s.  When it became surplus to requirements in 1961 it was dismantled and transferred to the newly-built Wotton Pool, where it became the changing rooms.  We have removed the external cladding, replaced the rotting sole plates and reclad it in a lovely new wood to give it a great new lease of life. The work is in accord with an engineers report and has been approved with planning permission.

There is still a bit to do and we are working on raising money to push the job along...

... and talking of money we regret to tell our customers that we have raised our entry fees this year.  We've held the prices at the 2009 level when we took over in 2011. (Yes we actually lowered the entry fee when we took over the running of the pool from SDC).  The key changes are that adults are now £3 (£2.50) and children £2 (£1.50)  other prices have nudged upwards by similar multiples of 50p.  If you are ok with this tell us so... if you would rather we had kept the prices steady then we'd like to know that too.  

It's your pool run with your money so we want to hear what you think...